Kish Island:

Kish Island, known as “The Pearl of the Persian Gulf”, is located 18 kilometers off the southern coasts of Iran and 200 kilometers far from Dubai. Kish has a pleasant and moderate climate in almost 9 months of the year (September to May). Its virgin nature and beautiful shores, together with the various amusements, sports facilities and several shopping centers, attracts a number of about 1.5 million tourists to the island annually. With more than 100 flights a day, Kish welcomes to the thousands of passengers every day who accommodate in more than 70 hotels and motels in this beautiful Island.

Offering many facilities to the traders and investors, Kish -as the first and most active free zone in Iran- creates a commercial platform in the Persian Gulf region. Belonging to a more than 75 million population of the mainland -which is the largest market in the region- Kish acts as a poly-armed bridge which connects CIS countries to the Persian Gulf and Middle East, also Europe to Asia and Far East. It has made a unique commercial connection between Iran and Persian Gulf region countries too.

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